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Stream online music and movies

Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, to listen to any online music, movie or audio content on your Linn system

Use Songcast to listen to online music and movies (e.g. Spotify, Netflix, BBC iPlayer) through your Linn system. Download the Songcast app for your PC or Mac and you can send any sound to a Linn system.

iPhone or iPad users can also use AirPlay to send audio from music and movies to a Linn.

Play music or movies from a computer using Songcast

How to use Songcast to send any sound from your PC or Mac to your Linn system

Download and install the Songcast app to start sending sound from your computer.

Installing the Songcast app

Choose the download for your operating system (OS) below and install the Songcast app:


Requires Windows 7+


Requires Mac OS 10.6+

Make sure your system is up-to-date

You'll need the your system running on the latest software to use it with Songcast. Our Install Wizard does this for you when you setup your system for the first time. So if you haven't already, run the Wizard and get up-to-date.

Using the Songcast app

Once installed, the Songcast app is always running in the background, which means you only have to turn it on or off and choose between listening to music or video.

Turning Songcast on/off
  1. Click the Songcast icon in your status bar (Windows) or taskbar (Mac)
  2. Choose LISTEN TO...My DS to turn Songcast on and send all audio to your Linn system
  3. Choose LISTEN TO...My Computer to turn Songcast off and send all audio to your computer speakers
Changing volume

The best way to change volume is to set your computer – or whatever app you're using – to full volume and use your Linn system to control the volume.

You can change volume on your Linn using the Songcast app or your normal controller e.g. remote control, Kinsky app.

Your system plays nice with AirPlay

You can also use the AirPlay button within iTunes to send sound from a PC or Mac to your Linn system, without using the Songcast app. Simply choose the AirPlay button in iTunes and select your Linn system as your speakers

Play music or movies from an iPad or iPhone using AirPlay

How to use AirPlay to send any sound from your iPad or iPhone to your Linn system

There is nothing to set up – simply choose the AirPlay button as you normally would and select your Linn system as your speakers.

You can select the AirPlay button from with an app (e.g. iTunes) or by double-clicking the Home button and swiping right to access the Media controls.

Select your Linn system from the airplay button


A new way to enjoy radio

The internet has changed radio for the better: more variety, better quality and greater control over how and when you listen. Discover the best way to listen to radio through your Linn system.

Get away from the computer

Turn the quality up

Enter the world of Studio Master quality sound and find out how to get the best from your CD or disc collection. There’s more music out there than you think, and at far higher quality than you might have heard.

Higher quality music