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Music in any room

How to add new Linn systems so you can hear great music all around your home

You can have as many rooms with Linn systems as you like and control any room from any controller in your home network.

Building a multiroom system

How to add extra rooms to your Linn system

Add extra rooms by simply adding a Linn DS or DSM player to any room you want to play music in – you can use your existing controllers to play music from your library anywhere in your home.


You can have as many Linn DS or DSM players as you like and each can Songcast audio from one to another, or synchronise to all play the same audio at the same time (Party Mode).


You can have as few or as many controllers as you like, with each controller able to control one particular system at a time, or several (or all) at once using Songcast.


It's normally best to have one central music library (using Linn's Songbox Media Server) but you can have different music collections stored on any drive in your home network.

Controlling any room in your home

How to select rooms using Kinsky and other apps

Kinsky allows you to select and control any system in your home using the Rooms menu.

If you only have one Linn system, Kinsky will automatically select this as your room and you’ll never need to change Room.

If you have more than one Linn system, you can name each system as you like and control that room as normal (change volume, edit playlist etc.) from any controller in your home.

You can also use Songcast to connect rooms together and control more than one room at the same time.

Using Songcast to share audio across your home

Send music between systems in different rooms

Selecting a Songcast source in Kinsky


Change to the Songcast source and select a system to tune in to

You can use Songcast to listen to what is playing on another Linn system in your home.

  1. Select the system from the Rooms menu
  2. Change Source to Songcast
  3. Double-click or tap the system you wish to listen to

This will make your current room play back exactly what is playing in that other room.

Party Mode

For parties, you can use Songcast to synchronise every room to the same soundtrack.

  1. Begin playing a playlist (or radio etc.) on one system
  2. Set every other system to Songcast from this first system


It's not just about music

Anything you play on your Linn can be shared with Songcast, which means you can listen to movie soundtracks or live concerts anywhere in your home and enjoy online streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube too.

Stream online music and movies

Turn the quality up

Enter the world of Studio Master quality sound and find out how to get the best from your CD or disc collection. There’s more music out there than you think, and at far higher quality than you might have heard.

Higher quality music