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Get away from the computer

How to escape the computer and control your music from anywhere using a phone or tablet

Control your music from anywhere using Linn's Kinsky app to access your iTunes library and favourite radio stations.

System Basics

A simple overview of a Linn DS system

Every music system based on Linn DS has 3 key parts:

All your music

Once you have all your music stored in one place, any network-enabled device in your home can browse or play music from it


This is simply the Linn DS or DSM player which plays the music and sends audio to the speakers e.g. Klimax DS, Akurate DSM


This is any device or software which can choose music and change volume e.g. your Linn remote or iPad running Kinsky


Linn's Tunebox Media Server manages your iTunes music library and allows you to choose music from a controller e.g. iPad running Kinsky app

Your music library

If you already use iTunes to download and store your music, you can instantly access all your music using Kinsky by installing Songbox.

Using Songbox

Songbox shares your iTunes music library for you

Songbox runs in the background on your computer and makes your iTunes music library, podcasts and playlists available to your Linn system.

It also collects internet radio and online sources together so you can listen to online content without using a computer, including internet radio, BBC podcasts and Listen Again shows.

Select Songbox from Library in Kinsky to choose what to listen to, wherever you are in your home.

Installing Songbox

Choose the download for your operating system (OS) below and install Songbox:


Requires Windows 7+


Requires Mac OS 10.6+

Podcasts and playlists

You can also choose your iTunes podcasts and playlists using Songbox

Using Songbox

  1. Using Kinsky, select Library and choose Songbox
  2. Choose iTunes and select albums or tracks for playback as normal

Once you have installed Songbox, just choose Library in Kinsky and select Songbox and then iTunes to browse your entire iTunes library and choose tracks.

Controlling your system

Mix and match

You can mix and match different control apps and devices seamlessly

You can have as many controllers as you like and use them interchangeably.

For example, you can start an album playing from your computer, add some more songs from the couch using your phone and change the volume using the Linn remote.

Kinsky is a range of control software from Linn which is available for desktop and mobile devices, including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Linux.

Using Kinsky

Use Linn's Kinsky app to control your system

Kinsky allows you to select and play music on your Linn system (or systems), choose radio stations and fully control your system from one controller.

Download Kinsky for any computers or mobile devices you would like to control your Linn system from.

See below for more information on using Kinsky:

Your music library

Browse your entire music collection from a controller

If you have a Media Server running on your home network — like Songbox — then all your music will appear under Library in Kinsky.

The cover for each album will be displayed – called album art – and you can select individual albums to play or create playlists using combinations of albums or tracks.

You can choose music by artist, album or genre, or just pick one of your iTunes playlists.

Using playlists

Create and save playlists with any combination of tracks

Double-click to add an album or song to your playlist, or right-click for options such as Play Next or Play Later – if you’re using a touchscreen, try holding down to bring these playlist options up.

  • When you play music from your library, Kinsky will show your system as set to the Playlist source

You can listen straight through from first to last, or jump between different tracks, add or remove songs and change the running order. You can enable Shuffle to randomise playback within a playlist or choose Repeat to return to the start of the playlist on completion.

Playlists can be saved, so you can build a playlist for a special occasion or simply save a favourite listening session for a later date. If you save a playlist in iTunes, it will also appear in Kinsky.

Gapless playback

Listen to classical or live albums exactly as they were recorded – without any gaps between tracks. All Linn systems support gapless playback and will move between tracks in a playlist without pausing

Listening to internet radio

Choose internet radio stations and customise presets

Choose the Radio source and select a station to begin listening to internet radio.

  • When you listen to an internet radio station, Kinsky will show your system as set to the Radio source

Choosing a radio station

Your controller will display a list of available stations when you select the Radio source - double-click or tap to select which station preset you’d like to listen to.

You can also change radio station using the numeric keypad on your Linn remote control to enter a station preset e.g. enter 1 for Linn Radio.

Customising your radio stations

Your Linn system will default to a selection of radio stations from around the world. You can change this by selecting your own country within Konfig (see below) or creating your own list with TuneIn’s Presets feature.

Auto play

You can set your system to begin playing internet radio when you choose the Radio source, or when you turn on or wake your system up

Changing radio presets
  1. Start Konfig and select your DS or DSM player
  2. Choose the Configuration tab
  3. Find the TuneIn Username setting and select a different default country
  4. Switch back to Kinsky to view the new list of radio presets
Creating your own TuneIn profile

You can customise the list of radio presets by selecting up to 99 radio stations for your own TuneIn profile. You can do this by creating a free account using and then selecting your TuneIn Username in Konfig as described below.

Selecting your TuneIn profile in Konfig
  1. Start Konfig and select your DS or DSM player
  2. Choose the Configuration tab
  3. Find the TuneIn Username setting, overtype with your own TuneIn Username and hit ENTER
  4. Switch back to Kinsky to view the new list of radio presets

Using Bubble DS

Recommended for Android phones or tablets

If you have an Android tablet or phone, BubbleDS is recommended for controlling your Linn system.

Just like Kinsky, Bubble DS allows you to browse your Library, add to the Playlist and choose Radio stations.

Learn more about Bubble DS

Store your music centrally

Your main computer or laptop doesn't always have to be on to access all your music - a network storage device such as a Mac Mini or NAS (Network-Attached Storage) can be added to your network and provides dedicated storage without the need for a display or keyboard.

Using a Mac Mini or NAS to store your music

Add network storage to your home

Using a Mac Mini as your music library

  1. Copy all your music directly to your Mac Mini
  2. Update iTunes (or ripping software) to import directly to your Mac Mini
  3. Install Songbox on your Mac Mini
  4. Choose Library in Kinsky and select your Media Server (e.g. Songbox: my-mac) to browse all your music

Easy as Mac

Add an Apple Superdrive and set iTunes on the Mac Mini to import any CD that is inserted. Remember you can connect a Mac Mini to an HD TV using an HDMI cable if you need to change any settings

Using a NAS as your music library

  1. Copy all your music directly to your NAS
  2. Update your ripping software to rip directly to your NAS
  3. Install Media Server software on your NAS [if not pre-installed]
  4. Choose Library in Kinsky and select your NAS Media Server (e.g. Twonky: My PC) to browse all your music

Easy Ripping

Get a ripping NAS and any disc you insert will be automatically ripped into your library, without using a keyboard or monitor. Remember you can always connect to your NAS over the network using Remote Desktop

What is a...

A NAS is a small, low-power computer that provides always-on access to music, movies, photos and files across a home network. A NAS can be positioned anywhere in your home and offers increased storage and improved reliability


Get better sound from online movies

Improve the sound of your favourite films and television shows by sending the sound to your Linn system. From YouTube and BBC iPlayer to Netflix and LoveFilm, turn the lights down and the volume up.

Stream online music and movies

Music all around your home

Once you have a Linn system set up in one room, it won’t be long before you want to hear great sound all round your home. How to add more systems and create a multiroom setup with as many systems and controllers as you like.

Music in any room