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Connect other hardware to your system

How to connect your TV, Blu-Ray player or games console to your Linn system

Use a cable to physically connect your digital or satellite TV, Blu-Ray or DVD player, and Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Wii, to your Linn system.

Any hardware you connect becomes a "source" that you can choose and listen to on your Linn system.

Connecting video devices using HDMI

For better quality, use a digital connection like HDMI for things like games consoles and disc players. Here's how…

To ensure that video content is displayed correctly while sound is played back through your Linn, do the following:

  1. Use an HDMI cable to connect your TV, movie player or games console to one of the HDMI IN connectors on your Linn system
  2. Ensure you have also connected an HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT connector on your Linn back to your television or projector

Linn systems use an intelligent HDMI ‘pass-thru’ system which means sound will be played through your Linn system when it is switched on, and through your television when your Linn is in Sleep Mode.

How to change source

You can listen to lots of different audio sources through your Linn system. These could be external hardware like a Blu-Ray player or Xbox, or they could be Linn DS sources like Playlist (your music library), Radio (internet radio stations) or Songcast (other Linn systems).

Each external source can be named (e.g. TV, Playstation) and you can choose what you want to listen to in a number of different ways.

Use the Source + and Source – buttons on the Linn infrared (IR) remote control to cycle through your sources and change what you're listening to.

Or quickly change to a specific source using the dedicated buttons for Playlist, Radio and Songcast, or one of the 3 preset buttons

Creating shortcuts to sources using the preset buttons on your remote control

Creating shortcuts

Customise the preset buttons to match your system

Creating shortcuts to sources

You can create a shortcut to an external source using the preset buttons:

  1. Manually switch to the desired source using the Source + or Source – buttons
  2. Hold down one of the 3 preset buttons for a couple of seconds
  3. Your system display will confirm the selection with SET followed by the icon for that shortcut

Did you know?
AirPlay will work automatically

When you use AirPlay or connect an iPod, your Linn system will automatically switch to that source and start playing

Naming your sources

You can name each bit of hardware you connect and customise settings to make it even easier for everyone to listen to their favourite sources.

Start me up

You can choose which source is automatically selected when you turn your Linn system on (or wake it from Sleep Mode). You can also set other options such as startup volume and auto play

Changing names

The Setup Wizard will prompt you for names for each of your sources. You can change these at any time by running the Setup Wizard again or using Konfig, the Linn configuration app.

Changing settings

You can customise your Linn system settings to match how you like to listen at home. All settings can be viewed or changed by running Konfig, which includes more info on each individual setting.


Share your sources with other rooms

Anything you connect to your Linn system can be shared around your home, by streaming it across the network to other rooms. Stream music, soundtracks and live concerts from one room to another or send sound from your mobile device and enjoy wherever you are.

Music in any room